Dubai weather




The UAE has become increasingly important in recent years for travel-loving globetrotters.

In the so-called “winter” prevail here pleasant temperatures, which are between 25 and 35 degrees.

The weather is a subtropical climate and has in the “summer” but rather an exceptionally high, cuddly heat to put it a little more finely.

The temperature fluctuations in the only two seasons are high.

If you like it warm and alternate between sunny beach, cool shopping center and taxi or metro, you can make great bargains in the off-season “summer” and offer yourself and your family a real highlight.

It gets warm in early June, until mid-September, and the thermometer likes to climb to between 38-45 degrees.

Anyone who lives longer here, gets used to this sunny environment quickly.

Maximum temperatures of 50 degrees have become rare but isolated in July and August quite possible.

A lot of water and balanced vitamin-rich food, sun cream, sunglasses and a sun hat are therefore a must.

At the best prices sunny Dubai weather experience and spend the holidays here is possible in the months of May-September, as hotels and tour providers to slim down their prices.

In addition, it is much more pleasant to stroll during the off-season, to bask in the sun on the beach without fighting for the best towel place and to enjoy the attractions like Burj khalifa or Burj Al Arab without crowds.

Although the water temperatures of the Arabian Gulf are no longer suitable for cooling yourself down, but hotels usually have cooled pools.

Winter in Dubei and the Emirates means summer, sun beach and sea, parks and mountain and desert tours.

Gladly you can also, like the real Bedouin, do a camping trip or stay in one of our desert camps overnight.

Culture and tradition can still be found here, if you look a little behind the scenes of the glamorous city.

Nocturnal temperatures drop between December and February partly to 15-10 degrees, which is a bit frosty for us without heating  , that too is Dubai weather

However, not everyone can afford one of the expensive luxury beach hotels.

If you have a good travel agency on site, you can seek alternative advice and avoid hotels near the beach, as these always offer a shuttle bus to the beach.

Or many apartments are rented directly near the beach.

Even small rain showers and now and then a sandstorm occur in the winter rather times and thus provide a change

There was even a snow shower! Would you imagine snow in the desert ?

Many events take place outdoors and you have a lot of fun until late at night. Also Wintermarket and Christmas Markets you will find in Dubai during winter time.

Shoppers and sun worshipers are well looked after here 365 days a year, because shopping and sunshine are never lacking here.

So welcome to the sun paradise

Approximate values ​​in ° C

Month  –    Day  –  Night

January         26        12
February       28       10
March            33       15
April              35        20
May               38       26
June              40        27
July               42        30
August          45        32
September   42        27
October        35        24
November    32       20
December     28       15